Initial Consultation

This is our first big step! We’ll chat about what you’re hoping to achieve with your new website, the look and feel you’re going for, how big your site will be, what it needs to do, and how much it’ll cost.


Homepage Design Preview

Next, we’ll put together a draft of your homepage. It’s like the cover of a book — it sets the scene for what’s inside! You’ll tell us what you think about the design, words, colors, and overall style, and we’ll tweak things together.


Design Approval Meeting

Here’s where we really fine-tune your site. We’ll ask for stories about your company, photos of your team, and some words from your boss. We’ll make sure everything looks great and check that any special features work just right. You’ll also help us by sharing access to your Google account and domain so we can set everything up.


Website Turnover Chat

The big reveal! We’ll show you the finished website, walk you through how to use it, and make any last-minute adjustments you need. You’ll give us the keys to the technical side of things, and then it’s all yours!


Ongoing Maintenance and Warranty

After we hand over your website, our support doesn’t stop there. We provide a complete warranty for the sites we build, ensuring that any issues are quickly taken care of. This way, you can focus on your business with peace of mind, knowing your website is in good hands.

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